How Do I Recognize My Intuition?

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Much is being written about the highly sensitive person or intuit, especially now that many of the ways we show up in the world have changed or been dramatically limited. Without the distractions of sporting events, boat shows, large weddings, and festivities, we find ourselves home alone often.

Introspection isn’t a familiar pastime for most.  Living alone my entire adult life, I’m aware that any decision I make is pretty much left up to me, myself, and I.  Collaboration isn’t necessary.  It’s also given me a chance to recognize when I need to call upon my intuition.

Here are a few ways to recognize your intuition.  It takes times, but time well spent.

Your body is at peace.  When we’re living in our most authentic and purposeful selves, our bodies are at peace.  It doesn’t mean we you don’t have aches or pains; it simply means that you feel centered. As if you are whole.  As if you are calmly able to face the day. Your body knows when you’re aligned with the right next step.

You often feel it in your gut.  You hear people say, “I had a gut feeling,” when looking back on a situation.  Your abdominal area is the pivot point of your body, where babies grow, where our food turns to fuel, and your experience your first connection to life.  Tap into what you’re feeling when the core of your body feels amiss.

Letting go seems just fine.  You often find that what you once resisted, seems less important. Often, you crave more alone time and draw away from the friends and family that once kept you busy. This awakening to the importance of sheltering yourself to maintain peace and wellbeing is your intuition at work.

You can’t unwring the bell.  Someone once said that trying to squash a rumor is like trying to unring a bell. You can’t not hear it. You see the situation or people differently.  Just know this is your intuition bringing a heightened awareness to your consciousness. Much like having an ‘ah ha’ moment. 

You proceed despite the unknown.  When we’re anxious about a decision or uncertain about the next step, our intuition is there to nudge us to move forward despite perceived hurdles or challenges.  There’s an ability to forecast what’s next with acceptance.

An excellent book on recognizing and enhancing your intuition, is The Return of Intuition – Awakening Psychic Gifts in the Second Half of Life by Kathryn Harwig. It’s especially encouraging to those over fifty who can serve as sages and elders for a younger generation in search of guidance. 

For more information on how to recognize and tap into your intuition, sign up for a coaching session to Think Forward to Thrive

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