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Life coaching is a dynamic and introspective process to help you clarify and articulate what you most want from life and how to achieve it. Through probing questions and helpful insights, we will chart a course to your best self, one that relies upon your own resiliency, courage, and vision.

Your life may be changing faster than you can manage or you feel stuck despite years of trying to course correct. You may love your life yet not know yourself well enough to trust what comes next. Coaching can help with all of these and other life challenges by identifying a desired outcome, eliminating limiting beliefs, and overcoming perceptions that stand in your way from the life you want.  

Coaching is not crisis management nor a substitute for psychotherapy or treatment of clinical depression. Sessions are held in strict confidence.

Coaching is like having a guide, best friend, and confidante rolled into one.

Let’s get started today!

Meet Gwen

After many years of a rewarding and successful career in healthcare and law, I made the decision to combine my skills, creativity, and expertise to help others live the best life possible.

Welcome to ANCHOR TO SELF.

I’m a Martha Beck Trained Wayfinder Coach whose practice took shape during a pandemic, while sitting alone on a dock beside the Chesapeake Bay wondering  “where can I be of service?” Almost immediately people came to me asking “what’s next?” It became readily apparent that their answer, as well as mine, came from within. Remaining anchored spiritually and emotionally while practicing selfcare became the focus of my coaching business.  

Let me do the same for you. My role is to set the sails; your role is to steer the boat. To feel the wind against your face. To see the horizon clearer than before. Together we will sail uncharted waters and explore new horizons. The destination is a rewarding life.

The journey begins within.

You can read about my career and healthcare consulting business, GwenCo Health, at


Gwen has the ability to help you with her unique inspiring, relieving, insightful and energizing sessions! Many a times she has helped me find a valuable new perspective on my current situation. It is amazing, but just in one hour I was able to view my situation from a completely new angle. If you are looking for a coach who can make a difference in your life, Gwen Mayes can do that!
Anuka Gazara
Mindfulness-Based Leadership Coach
Having known Gwen for many years, I’ve always been amazed at her ability to see the 30,000 foot perspective of an issue, stay true to her client, and simultaneously crystallize it down to its truthful nugget. Plus, her wealth of real world experience is a bonus in helping her clients identify the next steps during times of transition and change.
Lynn Drake
Executive Coach and Consultant
Gwen is especially effective at those points in your life where you are overwhelmed. She helped me through repositioning my business after my wife died. Market conditions had changed and I was deeply in grief. She patiently helped me look at new directions with great results. She is empathetic, knowledgeable and skilled. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Carl Widell



Water in its clear softness fills whatever hole it finds. It is not skeptical or distrusting. It does not say this gully is too deep or that field is too open. Like water, the miracle of love is that it covers whatever it touches, making the touched thing grow while leaving no trace of its touch.

Most things break instead of transform because they resist. The quiet miracle of love is that without our interference, it, like water, accepts whatever is tossed or dropped or placed into it, embracing it completely.

Mark Nepo

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